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Family owned and operated for over 30 years!

In the spring of 1983, Ivan and Polly Yoder leased about 200 metal concrete molds and started producing statuary in south eastern Kansas close to Parsons. Soon after, they decided to take the plunge and sold their TV repair business in Hutchinson Kansas, bought a piece of property on highway 50 in Burrton, Kansas and relocated. With the help of their to sons, Don and Carl Yoder, the property was cleared of trees for construction and the first 50' X 60' building was built. Inside was a 20' X 30' show room, small paint room, oil room & mold room. The rest of the warehouse area was used for production. After completion of the new YOC in October of 1983, an existing house that was on the property was also removed to make way for the fast growing ornamental concrete business. 



















In 1986 they hired their first full time employee, artist Doris Yoder (Don's wife), to airbrush paint. In 1989, Don came on full time and added on to the existing warehouse by constructing a 60' X 120' building on the west side and an extra 10' X 60' staging area on the north side. As business and the number of employee's increased in 1990, Carl came on full time primarily as a mold maker and supervising the morning concrete pour production. As business continued to flourish through the 1990's YOC dropped the mold making side of the business and focused primarily on the production of concrete statuary.














On September, 12 1997 YOC had a devastating fire that destroyed most of the plant saving only the shell of the original building. Within a short few months, a new warehouse was rebuilt and another 3,000 sq foot was added to house the now huge inventory of ornamental concrete.




















In 1999, the YOC acquired property north of the warehouse and expanded their yard to it's current size with another 5 acres if needed. Today, Yoder's Ornamental Concrete is well known through out the entire midwest and a popular destination for art lovers everywhere.


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